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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aunt Queen!

Dear Aunt Queen! Here are the weeks latest and greatest.

The petting Zoo at the Corn maze! Jack loves animals.

(a boy after my own heart) :)
Oh the germs he picked up!
Feeding the donkey carrots.
Jack pushing Taz! HE LOVES taz, and gets excited when I tell him he's coming over!
A bit jealous that he got to be a dragon! Just checkin' out his coustume!

Before church 'What mom, I'm just borrowing your mascara'

Trick or Treating. Needing help up and down the steps. This lady gave him a whole bag of goodies he was so cute!
Halloween morning. We wish you were here!
He unfortunately got his both of his parents 'Sweet Tooth'. Jackpot when he found Grandma's Halloween stash. After checking out the goods he then proceeded to throw 15 bags of M&M's down the staircase. (Such a boy) He's got quite a good arm for a one year old.
Our morning walk around the yard!

Don't ask us why Dad decided he needed to use black eye shadow (glittery) to scare everyone at the trunk or treat. Yes, Jack was even unsure.

Queen we love you and miss you!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Jack is loving being around his cousins, specifically cousin Taz. You can tell he wants to be walking and getting into everything just like Taz. Jack just stares in amazement while Taz runs and plays with everything he wants, all the while he just has to sit and can't quite figure out how to get his 25 pound body to move. These two are going to be best buddies in a few short months once Jack can run and play with Taz. Not to mention they share the same body frame. What chubby babies. Just the way we like them.

Jack and Taz were both thinking here, "Get me the heck off this Love Sac"

There isn't anything quite like swimming in the 'buff' with your 'buddy'.

I'm sure they'll thank us many years from now for taking this 'classic bum picture'. But really how could we not take a picture of these adorable backsides.

Monday, March 15, 2010

For the Family!!!

Four Months of Fun.

Our 'little buddy' Jack loved the sun in St. George last week. I think this means he wants to move somewhere warm like his mom .

Check out that blonde hair, fair skin and those lips. (like father like son)


Jack LOVED the indoor pool. Almost as much as he loves sucking on all his fingers.

Our Big, little 4 month old ready to go swimming.

What do you think?

Does Jack look like his Dad or what?Down to the blank stare...Jack is becoming his father more and more each day.

Jack unfortuantely is more of his Daddy's little buddy than a Momma's boy lately and lights up when his Dad is home. He is such an amazing little baby and we are so glad he's ours!

He turned four months old a few days ago and we can't wait to take him to the Dr. next week to see how much he's grown. We've weighed him with the scale and we're thinking he's around 22 pounds. We love our BIG DUDE!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wild and Crazy Mom!!!

I thought this was so cute! Go mom go!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I just wanted to tell everyone how much fun we had spending Christmas with you guys. It will be a sad two years until we are all together again. Mom and Dad we can't thank you enough for getting us all together and for making it the FUNNEST Christmas ever! Thank you for all your planning, cooking, and shopping that went into the past two weeks. We miss you all!

Tawn and Andrew

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Girls Can Too!

So tawn andrew and a a friend of mine named melissa spent like three hours at utah lake a few days ago. When I finnished wake surfing tawn tawn jumped into the water with a vest on and said that she had an idea. "Like mother like daughter" and apparently as she had been watching me she realized that it wowuld be fun to try and both get up wake surfing together on the same surf board. As we are both goofy footed this sounded much simpler than it ended up being. However after many failures and alot, I mean alot of lake water drinks we finally managed to get up with a switched rope, and had alot of run celebrating.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Biking with Mom and Dad

Summer Bike Rides

I just wanted to remind everyone what AMAZING shape mom and dad are in! When they stopped in town for a night before heading back to Colorado I took them on a bike ride up the canyon. Not only do they look the part but they can keep up with someone half their age! We're lucky cause they'll probably be the fittest grandma and grandpa our kids will ever have! It was fun to have them stop in, and I hope they come to visit even more in the Fall.
P.S. Nicole Dad's biking shirt is Good look'in!!!! Nice Job!!!!

I love you mom and dad.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Graduation Clip

Graduation Clip
Skip sat on the front row like four in from the end!!!


Sterling Skip Clarke Carlson
Go Skip!!!!
So proud!!
Lee Sterling Carlson and our very own....Sterling Clarke Carlson

Skip sat on the front row. And thanks to Dad we also had prime seats!
Skip jumped out of the line on the way out to say hi!
Handsome devil! And adorable Grandparents.

Model Shots
Making post graduation plans with Gravy
So cute!!

Lets just say we are all so proud of Skip! And even more excited to have him out here in Provo next year. Skip we all love you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

We DID it!

Despite the fact that Tyler was sick with food poisoning 24 hours prior to the race, and I haven't run as far as the mailbox and back in the last 4 years we ran the Bolder Boulder today and it was a total blast! ( I can't feel my legs, and I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow, but hey, it was totally worth it!) JoEllen, Clarke, Tyler, Skip and I all started together and met up at the Folsom Stadium in CU! Congrats Skip for your big Victory....(He won out of our group and Clarke promised him text messaging if he could beat him.... Yippie Skippy!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

GhostBuster Skit

GhostBusters Skit.... oh the joys of being a teacher/drummer

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation

I was lucky enough to MC the went great...I only wanted to turn around and smack the kids on the front row four times
(clearly they weren't as quiet as my classes who were sitting in the back row)

These are the other two Kindergarten Teachers
Miss Allison...isn't she adorable! She made me feel like Mrs. America with these pretty flowers.
This is little Andrew. He is such a cutie...

(His name is andrew...he wears cowboy boots every day to school, and he's holding his diploma upside down) so cute I'm going to miss sweet Austin

Oh if your wondering why my hair is all crimped out!!! Please see the video clip below featuring the talent show act that I was apart of that same day. I had to go all out for my 80's drummer bit.

Sorry to post about Kindergarten again!!! But it's been my life for the past year...and I've LOVED IT. A few days ago we had our graduation...and I am glad it is all over. The past year has flown by....Thanks Queen and Andrew for surviving graduation and for all your help and support this year.