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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aunt Queen!

Dear Aunt Queen! Here are the weeks latest and greatest.

The petting Zoo at the Corn maze! Jack loves animals.

(a boy after my own heart) :)
Oh the germs he picked up!
Feeding the donkey carrots.
Jack pushing Taz! HE LOVES taz, and gets excited when I tell him he's coming over!
A bit jealous that he got to be a dragon! Just checkin' out his coustume!

Before church 'What mom, I'm just borrowing your mascara'

Trick or Treating. Needing help up and down the steps. This lady gave him a whole bag of goodies he was so cute!
Halloween morning. We wish you were here!
He unfortunately got his both of his parents 'Sweet Tooth'. Jackpot when he found Grandma's Halloween stash. After checking out the goods he then proceeded to throw 15 bags of M&M's down the staircase. (Such a boy) He's got quite a good arm for a one year old.
Our morning walk around the yard!

Don't ask us why Dad decided he needed to use black eye shadow (glittery) to scare everyone at the trunk or treat. Yes, Jack was even unsure.

Queen we love you and miss you!


The Bergesons said...

YAY! I know this was for Queen but I LOVED seeing Jack in action..he is so handsome!! and you look GORGEOUS-unfortunately my body grew quite fond of the baby weight:) I miss you Jo-Ill call this week to hear the latest and greatest:) Hope the whole carlson crew is doing well! Britt

Kristy said...

I love Jack's costume!! I can't believe he's almost 1. Owen got some glow in the dark jammies like his buddy and loves them!! Miss you guys!

Matt and Lindsay Bauman said...

SO happy you posted some pictures! Jack's costume is adorable. And I loved seeing the pictures at the petting zoo. He is so brave. Not too many kids at that age would feel comfortable having an animal lick food off their fingers, so cute. That's so fun that he is walking! Miss you guys so much and can't wait to talk to you this week.

AaReAn said...

Tawny! SO glad that you commented so I can see you have a blog! Jack is getting so big!!! He is so cute...a good mix of you two...guess he got the best of both of you! :-) What a cutie! Hope you guys are doing well and thank you so much for the adorable clothes for Sage...I am excited for the day her little self can fit into them! You are so sweet to send those with Andrew! Thanks again! Talk to you soon! :-)

Heather and Dave said...

HOOORAY!! I finally remembered the blog address :) Jack is such a sweet little guy and we all are obsessed with his monkey costume! I think we'll make it out there for Thanksgiving...I'm dreading the car ride for a short weekend trip - but it will be totally worth it to come see you guys and especially the jackster and give him HUGE hugs and kisses!
Love you guys,

Heather McMullin said...

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