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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bored Bored Bored!!!

So I'm sitting here at work bored out of my ever loving mind! I have been here for ummm... say five hours and still have three more hours to go! AHHHHH I seriously can not sit here in this little booth in the weight room here in the smith field house any longer. Normally I would be off right now however I had to switch shifts with this kid so he would work mine next week while I am in DC. Thus I am stuck, my mind has shut off and it is making it really hard to study for the statistics test that I have to take tommorow! Ugh well just throwing that all out there. Hopefully you all are doin better. Nate and Nicole anxiously awating the arrival of their new baby boy. Tye and amb counting down the hours untill they can leave their blessed chidlren adn take a much needed vacation. Chase awating the marriage to his beautiful bride, tawn waiting for her husband to return from the New Mexico game. Skippy just skipping along in life as a senior in high school and dad well being the support and ancor of this, the carlson clan. And mommy in DC already and hopfully enjoying the relaxation time. i love you all.