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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back in P town

Well fam. once again fall is upon us! Which would not be as bad if there was fall weather however here in the land of hte righteous it could seriously not be any hotter. All I want to do is go out to the lake and wakeboard, however I am stuck in my new apt cleaning/organizing/decorating, buying books and over all getting ready for fall to come. Which it has though it does not feel like it! Well I never could have done it without our amazing mother she played the great assertive and at times ***** roll to get things done. Don't mess with her! Then we got to go to the Josh Groban concert which was amazing! Without knowing it I bought seventh row seats and we had Josh Groban walking right by us and then the security guards had us go to the front of the stage as they were filming his Awake tour video. Anyways a great concert for anyone seriously he is an amazing entertainer and way way funny, and you can't beat the music. Well here is a pic or two and I will try to send tye one of the video's I took so you can see.
Love you all,


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby Boy Carlson

Here's our still nameless baby boy from our ultrasound on Monday. He's looking like he has some major Angelina Jolie pillow lips, but I'm guessing he was maybe puckering up a bit for the photo, because neither of us have lips like that!

Everything is looking good, so we're just counting down the days until he's finally here!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Plea...

It's Friday. I'm hot, very pregnant, and tired. I'm sitting in my little cubicle at work with some lovely fluorescent lighting overhead. Three people around me are crunching (or maybe chomping would be a better word?) out of control on various food items. From the sound of it I’d bet money that the woman in the cube in front of mine is munching on some crisp celery, the woman in the cube behind me is chomping a seemingly endless cup of ice, and the man in the cube across from me is crunching stale tortilla chips by the handful from last night’s Mexican dinner.

Me? I'm just staring at my computer about ready to jump out of my skin with all of the chomping/chewing/crunching/munching going on in my vicinity. Needless to say, I am in dire need of a distraction to help the day go by.

I check the Carlson family blog just HOPING to see an update from someone, anyone ... but alas, there are no updates since the last time Nate posted. Now I know you're all very busy with work, fun, etc. but please, for your bored and pregnant sister-in-law's sanity on a Friday afternoon at work, POST!!!