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For the Birds


Monday, July 12, 2010


Jack is loving being around his cousins, specifically cousin Taz. You can tell he wants to be walking and getting into everything just like Taz. Jack just stares in amazement while Taz runs and plays with everything he wants, all the while he just has to sit and can't quite figure out how to get his 25 pound body to move. These two are going to be best buddies in a few short months once Jack can run and play with Taz. Not to mention they share the same body frame. What chubby babies. Just the way we like them.

Jack and Taz were both thinking here, "Get me the heck off this Love Sac"

There isn't anything quite like swimming in the 'buff' with your 'buddy'.

I'm sure they'll thank us many years from now for taking this 'classic bum picture'. But really how could we not take a picture of these adorable backsides.