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Monday, March 15, 2010

For the Family!!!

Four Months of Fun.

Our 'little buddy' Jack loved the sun in St. George last week. I think this means he wants to move somewhere warm like his mom .

Check out that blonde hair, fair skin and those lips. (like father like son)


Jack LOVED the indoor pool. Almost as much as he loves sucking on all his fingers.

Our Big, little 4 month old ready to go swimming.

What do you think?

Does Jack look like his Dad or what?Down to the blank stare...Jack is becoming his father more and more each day.

Jack unfortuantely is more of his Daddy's little buddy than a Momma's boy lately and lights up when his Dad is home. He is such an amazing little baby and we are so glad he's ours!

He turned four months old a few days ago and we can't wait to take him to the Dr. next week to see how much he's grown. We've weighed him with the scale and we're thinking he's around 22 pounds. We love our BIG DUDE!