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Monday, January 7, 2008

Will's Weekend

Thanks so much for coming this weekend for Will's blessing! It was a fun weekend and so nice to have everyone there. (Tawny and Andrew, we missed you and can't wait to see you soon!). Here are a few cute pictures from the weekend...

Will's Baby Blessing!

Yesterday (Sunday the 6th), we were lucky enough to fly to California for the day to visit one of our newest Nephews, William for his baby blessing! -- (yes, I am finally an AUNT!!) It was such a great blessing and is always so fun to get the family together!
Way to go Nate and Nicole, he is ADORABLE!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Daddy, Skipper, Tye & kids, and I strated off 2008 in style! A trip to the lake obviously, in which the boys were dressed in the hottest fashion BUCK MASTERS. We hooked up a black inner tube behind the fourwheeler and took it out over the ice and "sledded" ! It was great fun and then daddy decided it would be fun to build a jump with the plow on the other four wheeler. Great idea till it got to be rather wide and tall and even our bright brother skippy decided that it was a bit stupid to go off but tye kinda dared dad and dad said he would go over it slow nad so skip drove him and well lets just say the video says it all! He seems to be fine but time and perhaps an xray will tell!!! Hope all is well with everyone!