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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sterling Skip Clarke Carlson
Go Skip!!!!
So proud!!
Lee Sterling Carlson and our very own....Sterling Clarke Carlson

Skip sat on the front row. And thanks to Dad we also had prime seats!
Skip jumped out of the line on the way out to say hi!
Handsome devil! And adorable Grandparents.

Model Shots
Making post graduation plans with Gravy
So cute!!

Lets just say we are all so proud of Skip! And even more excited to have him out here in Provo next year. Skip we all love you.


Nate & Nicole said...

Yay for Skip! Cute pictures, Tawny. Skip - your model shot is actually quite convincing. Maybe you should tutor your friends in the art of modeling - they're not quite as smooth looking :).

Jen said...

I love the picture of Skip and granpda. Congratulations Skip!

Momza said...

Hi there,
You don't know me...and I am actually stunned that I've come across this blog...but your Granma Carlson is someone very special to me. I joined the Church when I was just 16, she was my Laurel advisor and'll have to check on my blog..

What a surprise.
~Dawn Sutton Anderson

Momza said...


Anonymous said...

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